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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an appointment?

Veterans is a walk-in only shop that doesn't take appointments.

When is the best time to come in?

As a walk-in-only shop, it is impossible to predict the slower periods.  Your best bet is to come in when you need a haircut and have some time.

Does Veterans cut little boys' hair?

Absolutely!  All ages are welcome; and as long as your little man will sit reasonably still in the chair, he will receive service.  For the safety and enjoyment of others, please keep all children in good behavior while in the shop.

Does Veterans cut women's hair?

Veterans is a men's barber shop, but ladies who wants a traditional man's haircut are welcome.

Does Veterans offer face shaves?

A proper straight-razor face shave takes considerably longer than a haircut.  Because of the high volume of customers, shaves are not offered.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash only.  There is an ATM across the street.

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